Welcome to Benic Enterprises, building excellence in racing since 1998.
In 1998 Scott and his wife, Tamara, decided to take a break from the long hours on the road and start a family. 13 years later they have a son named Jonah and a business dedicated to helping customers reach their goals in motorsports.

Benic Enterprises is proud to bring you Benicenterprises.com for your everyday convenience and additional pleasure.  Many new Modifications to this site will be made during the next few months to find out what you, the customer like.

We are capable of bringing many years of experience to your program and are always driven to be on top of our game, whether it is setting up a race car, building shocks, or simply giving you advice to achieve the common goal in motorsports, WINNING.

With our resources and intelligence that we have gained over the years, Benic Enterprises thrives on helping motivated and successful race teams. The man behind the name, Scott Benic, is a triple crown winning crew chief, capturing the Sprint Car title in 2005, the Silver Crown championship in 2008, and capping it all off with the Midget title in 2009. 

Benic Enterprises offers a full range of services from individual parts to a complete race program for you.  The Benic Team's fundamental purpose to give you what you want and need at your finger tips, in an efficient manner.



Benic Enterprises
625 East 6th Street
Fairmount, IN 46928
Phone: (765) 948-5758
Fax: (765) 948-4301

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Benic Enterprises would like to recognize Craig Dollansky for his dominating performance at "The Classic" in Australia! On his Integra by Benic racing shocks, Dollansky was able to win both of his heats (the 2nd of which starting at the tail of the field) gaining enough points to be the high point pan leading into the finale. Craig would end up finishing his weekend with a 2nd place run in the feature on a rubber down race track. 
                              "The Chief" 
                              Earl Gaerte
              December 20, 1943 - August 8, 2011
Jonah's World

It's been a busy week for me at the race shop, but somebody has to make sure the 2b is ready for Ocala! Mom & Dad said I can't make the trip because of school but I will be watching from home! I hope everybody has fun in Florida, see you when you get back!
-Jonah B

Scotty Weir on Benic shocks was the 2013 Gas City Speedway Champion.

We have a great shock team with two dynos and all the right equipment to get what you need. Sprintcar, midget, silver crown, ump, late model, four wheeler, and many more. Let us know what we can do for you!
Hours 9 to 6 Mon-Fri... 
Always willing to work with you!
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                  BENIC SUCCESS 
A big win for Don Kreitz Jr at the WOO National open at Williams Grove Speedway!
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Trey was awarded the track championship on Oct. 25th making him the youngest driver to do so in the history of the track... Thanks for being part of the winning combination!! Racertrey53.com.  On our Benic Integra Shocks! Great Job!
(1) KSE fresh full steering gear(reservoir on gear) $900 (Sold)
(1) KSE freshly rebuilt steering pump $360
(1) FSR radiator with front mounts $ 225 (Sold)
(1) 15x8x4 non beadlock front wheel $100
(1) 15x8x5 non beadlock front wheel (Black) $100
(1) 50 inch bare front ends $75ea
(2) U joints with 10 races each $50ea
(3) Hooker harness belts w/ratchet $125ea (Sold)
(1) XYZ wing birdcages $200 set (Sold)
(30) Torsion stops- Ti $75ea, Steel $20ea, Alu $15ea
(27) Used radius rods(vary in size&color) $10 w/heim $5 w/o {15 SOLD}
(2) Winters torque ball/housing(mag) $100ea
(1) GM Performance oil gauge (new) $45.00
(10) Jacob ladders 14"& 13 5/8" (no straps) $15ea
(5) Nose wing $45.00
(1) Newer tire siper $85.00
(1) Bag of TI valve retainers $50.00
(2) Rear Maxim motorplates $110ea
(4) Mag tech plug wires (cap to box) $10.00ea
(3) Bell cranks $12.00ea
(1) Dynatech sprintcar headers(hole size 1 3/4) $100
(1) 11548-16 Roller crane cams $75
(1) Sprintcar radiator $90
(1) Winters 457 rearend $550
(1) Winters 411 base rearend $650
(1) 50" Winters complete frontend w/ brake caliper $550
-Several twin tube Afco Benic small body 6,7,8,9 inch shocks. Start at $120ea
-Used dzus buttons Bag of 10 for $8.00
-Misc front and rear arms $15.00(front) $30.00(rear)
-Misc torque tubes (All of 9w outlaw car) $40ea
-Misc torque ball and housings (9w) $60ea
-Misc used torsion bars (10 race old 9w) $15ea
-Misc mud covers $5ea
-Misc birdcages (9w) Ranging from $75 to $300
-Misc headers (9w) Ranging from $100 to $250
-Misc shifter cables without handle. $25ea

We have a special going on right now on new radius rods with new heims and jam nuts... You receive the following for $299.99 plus shipping with the regular price being $362.50...
1-Maxim Alum 18.5 Radius Rod
3-Maxim Alum 22.5 Radius Rods
1-Maxim Alum 23.5 Radius Rod
1-Maxim Alum 24 Radius Rod
6-Rod End Supply Silver Alum Rod End 5/8, 1/2 Bore RH
6-Rod End Supply Silver Alum Rod End 5/8, 1/2 Bore LH
1-Steel Tie Rod 48"
1-Steel Drag Link 45 3/4
2-RH Steel Rod Ends
2-LH Steel Rod Ends
8-QA1 5/8 (3/4 Hex) Steel Jam Nut RH
8-QA1 5/8 (3/4 Hex) Steel Jam Nut LH
*All these items are in stock parts only.* (Alum radius rods 24" and under)
*We also have brand new winters and dmi parts, everything you need to build a complete front end and everything else for a complete car! 

We have a special going on with our cans of Champion Brake Cleaner. Right now we are offering $2.99 a can or a case of 12 for $34.99. We have several cases but this only still goes on while supplies last. This is a great product and gets the job done! We can ship or come by shop to pick up. Thank you! 765-948-5758.
We are also having a sale on Schroeder 30" Sprintcar torsion bars. This item also is while our supplies last. These are brand new, never ran, still in plastic tubing. Our regular price is $109.95 but right now they are $99.95. We also have the Schroeder Gundrilled bars for $119.99 and DMI T Rex bars with ends included for $94.99.Let us know what you need. We can ship! Thank you. 765-948-5758 
Fremont awaits the 9w team this weekend with Derek Hagar behind the wheel!